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Avoid fraud, undue charges, obtain support in case any institution does not act correctly, grow your business and pay your money for this and much more is important financial education. How to get started on this path?

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), financial education is a process by which consumers or investors understand what financial products (loans, mortgages, bank accounts, etc.) are, their characteristics and risks. through objective information. The objective is to improve economic welfare.

Financial education allows users to better visualize their opportunities, make informed decisions, know where to get help and take action to resolve conflicts related to the use of these products, highlights the OECD.

Although Mexico is one of the countries where more information is concentrated for the population on this subject, the levels of financial literacy (as financial education is also known) in Latin America are very low, the OECD admits.

How to approach financial education?

The first contact with financial education is at home. Children learn from their parents and couples acquire habits about good or bad money management.

Other forms of access to financial education are the school and the different means of communication. However, a reference in financial education for Mexicans is the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef).

The Condusef has different functions, among which stand out to support users of financial services in case of disagreements and offer a series of tools to make better decisions as to which product to choose.

Also, they have available to the public records that help them make better decisions. Some of the main ones are:

  • Registration of Insurance Adhesion Contracts ( RECAS )
  • Adherence contracts ( RECA )
  • Institutions of the Mexican Financial System ( SIPRES )
  • Collection Offices ( REDECO )
  • Specialized User Service Units ( REUNE )
  • Commissions charged by financial institutions ( RECO )
  • Basic insurance rates ( RESBA )
  • Afore information to know if you are a beneficiary of an account or life insurance, etc. ( CONDUSEF ONLINE )
  • Consult the operating status of SOFOM-ENR with respect to its obligations (by law) before the Condusef
  • Public Registry of Users that Do not Want Advertising Information on Financial Products and Services ( REUS )
  • Section to know the controversies between the users of financial institutions with respect to certain operations, products or services called Arbitral System

In addition, the Condusef has for you and your family the Financial Education section, which will help you make informed financial decisions to obtain the personal and family well-being you need.

Crédito Real invites you to be part of the National Financial Education Week 2018 of the Condusef to be held from October 1 to 7. You will learn to improve your finances through workshops, talks, games, conferences, plays, to name a few activities.