Who is VIA SMS Group?

The group VIA SMS Group , was founded in 2009, is directed by the executive Deniss Serstjukovs and is a large group of companies that employs more than 150 people and that, in what has been operating in the loan market, has already issued more than one million loans. It has more than 600,000 registered users and already has a presence in 6 different countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden or Spain.

VIA SMS Group annually issues more than 250,000 loans worth more than 60 million euros, with a rate of return on investment of more than 25%, presents a cumulative net profit growth of more than 250% per year (in the year 2015 the benefit was 1.66 million euros) and, finally, say that it has global partners as important as MasterCard, for example.


What is the collaboration agreement?

The collaboration agreement signed by VIVIENTOR with VIA SMS Group, consists of the fact that VIVENTOR will be able to offer through its platform, loans originated through the Swedish branch of the VIA SMS GROUP, called ViaConto Sweden , and which is nothing more than a fast-loan originating company based in Sweden and which also belongs to that group.

The repayment term of these quick mini-loans will be very short, from 7 to 30 days , and the amount of money that will be lent will be small, from 50 to 1200 €, all loans will provide investors with 12% annual interest and they will also have repurchase insurance in such a way that if the borrower delays the payment for a period of time exceeding 30 days, ViaConto will repurchase the loan by depositing the investors their amounts invested, plus interest and interest. of delay.

Also to say that, to avoid investors the ” currency risk ” due to devaluation of foreign currency, the loans will always be denominated in euros and, finally, to point out that, for safety and control, ViaConto will maintain a minimum participation of 5% in each loan that is issued.

In the words of Andris Rozenbahs, CEO of Viventor “Since the day that VIVIENTOR was presented to the market, our objective has been to connect investors, lenders and promoters seeking financing throughout Europe . VIA SMS Group is a group with extensive experience in loans that will help VIVENTOR achieve this goal and diversify risk through being able to invest in many other new countries “


Evolution and guarantees of VIVENTOR

Since its launch, a year ago, VIVENTOR has attracted more than 1,800 investors who have made it possible to build more than 5 million loans for investment projects in more than 30 different countries .

Investing through VIVENTOR is free and all the loans available on the platform to invest come with a repurchase guarantee behind so that not a single euro of investors’ capital is lost. In addition VIVENTOR has launched a section of public statistics and in that section, in addition to statistics, will also be published more information on the evolution of both their accounts and those of its main partners.

To further guarantee the investment to investors, VIVENTOR has signed an agreement with the firm Sandra Dzerele & Partneris so that in case of bankruptcy of the company, this firm can continue to operate with the data that VIVENTOR, on time, supplies to it on a monthly basis; in this way there will always be a copy of all the data safely and everything with the aim that, in case there is a suspension of payments or bankruptcy of VIVENTOR, this firm, or the insolvency administration, can use all this data to to be able to continue with the operations and collect the loans pending due and deposit them to all the investors until the complete liquidation of the company.